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2017 Seminar Camp Participants

We encourage you to have a look around and learn more about our unique organization. Please contact us if you have any questions.

2018 Summer Camps

Please visit Resources page to download application forms. Application forms for delegates and leaders will be accepted until delegations have been filled for the various programmes. See our Contact Us page if you have questions.

Please visit Resources page to download seminar camp forms. For 17-18 year olds.




Applications DUE NOW and will be accepted until delegations are filled. programmes@CISVvictoria.ca

See Green Resources Tab for application forms.  Note, a $250 deposit is due at time of application and will be refunded if an applicant is not selected to travel. Make cheques out to CISV Victoria, or do an e-transfer to treasurer@CISV Victoria.ca

Ages 11-19: National Camp (CISV Canada): 1 week.  Location -  Sudbury, ON, August 3 - 9.

Ages 13-14: Interchange: 6 delegates and a leader (21+)
Exchange with similar group from Hamburg, Germany. Dates TBA.  

For Peace Bus info. viisit  c2cpeacebus.org/ or email Shannon at peacebus@CISVvictoria.ca 

Age 19+ (adults): IPP: (International People's Project): Visit www.cisv.org/cisv-programmes/international-peoples-project/upcoming-ipps/canada-2018/ for forms and details.  Contact local chapters.

Age 21+5 Leaders and 5 staff needed for various programmes.  Volunteer positions with training and all travel expenses provided.  See Green Resources tab for Leader application form.  Apply now! Contact programmes@CISVvictoria.ca for info.


- Volunteer recruitment coordinator

- Leader/Staff recruitment coordinator

- Risk Manager

- Local Camp Coordinator


Obtain, or renew your annual membership. Forms are in the "Joining CISV" section of this site. Individual (19+) and Family rates available: membership@cisvvictoria.ca


The most recent email newsletter was sent to CISV Victoria's membership on Feb 7, 2018. Please let us know if we missed you. Email  communications@cisvvictoria.ca