Young people first:
Child protection and safety in CISV

Our commitment to the safety of all our members

See our policies and guidance on child protection and adult behaviour. If you have any doubts or any child protection concerns, past or present, please contact us in confidence on safety@cisv.org

CISV International is committed to, and focused on, the safety, protection and wellbeing of its participants, staff, volunteers, and the organization, who come together with a common purpose: “CISV educates and inspires action for a more just and peaceful world”.

“Risk”, however, extends beyond threats to the safety and well-being of children and adults in our programmes. A risk includes anything that may prevent or impede our ability to realise our goals. “Safety and well-being” thus extends to the organization and all our representatives (volunteer and staff). Risk Management must be applied to our programmes, our operations, and our governance – all of CISV. Managing the risks in achieving this vision is the responsibility of everyone in CISV – staff, volunteers, parents, and participants.

Child Protection

CISV International has comprehensive Child Protection Policy and Procedures, which are reviewed and updated regularly.

Staff and Leaders go through a formal and rigorous recruitment process (e.g., application form, interviews, references and police/criminal records check for those working with youth). They are given a clear job description, and receive child protection, risk management, and leadership training in order to best care for programme participants.

If you have any doubts or any child protection concerns, past or present, please contact us in confidence at CISV International using safety@cisv.org. You may also contact the CISV Victoria Risk Manager using the email riskmanager@CISVvictoria.ca

Health and Safety

A full risk assessment is conducted at the start of every programme and our programme staff are supported by our local, regional, and international network of experienced Risk Managers.

All of our participants are required to carry insurance and to provide detailed medical and health information.

At every Programme site there is a qualified first-aider. They are responsible for any basic first aid, the organization and distribution of medicines, liaising with local doctors and hospitals as necessary, and keeping all records relating to any illness or accident.

Medical care is always within easy reach. In the rare event of illness or accident, parents are called at the first opportunity and updated with full information on what steps have been taken to help their child.

Social Media Policy

CISV has created a social media policy that supports the protection of children, digital content, privacy and copyright.

Criminal Record Checks (CRCs)

All staff, leaders and homestay family members age 18 and over need to have a Criminal Record Check (CRC) completed. CRCs for volunteer organizations are free!

Please click on the following link: https://justice.gov.bc.ca/eCRC/home.htm

Enter the required code: B3S9J9M5R4

If the process cannot be completed online or will take too long (ex. due to duplicate names in the policy database), applicants need to go into their local police or RCMP station in person to apply for the CRC. If this is the case, email the local Risk Manager at riskmanager@CISVvictoria.ca and we will send you a letter to take with you confirming the volunteer capacity of the criminal record check.

The CRC application process can take from a few days to a couple of months but will be valid for 5 years.


riskmanager@CISVvictoria.ca (CISV Victoria)
safety@cisv.org (CISV International)
CISV International: https://cisv.org/resources/risk-management-travel-insurance/



PROGRAMME APPLICANTS : Applications due now until spots filled. Application forms are on the green Resources tab.  The following still have spots available as of June 5, 2019:


Age 19+: IPP (International People's Project): See cisv.org/upcoming-ipps/  for themes. Projects between 14-23 days this summer.  First come, first served. Sweden (July 1-18: 3 positions). Contact Sonja at ipp@CISVvictoria.ca for more information.


Age 16-18: Youth Meeting: July 13-27, 2019 in Padova, Italy.  Email cisv.fton@gmail.com (Fredericton). The delegate would represent Canada, and meet participants from 21 other nations. Costs include a CISV membership ($65), program fee ($700 - includes room and board for 14 days) and travel fee (purchased by the delegate). An amazing opportunity to build global friendships.


PEACE BUS PROGRAMME: Has been retired. Thank you to Windsor Salt for its corporate sponsorship, and to Jeff Dubney, Founder, and all the leaders, youth, volunteers, chapters, and organizations across the country that participated to make this wonderful programme possible for as long as possible.


CRCs are needed for all people age 18+  in a household hosting homestays or people volunteering at camps
Please email: riskmanager@
 to check if you have a valid one on file or request the password and weblink.



- Volunteer recruitment coordinator
- Leader/Staff recruitment coordinator
- Local Camp Coordinator

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