Every year volunteers from across Victoria donate their time and creativity to run our CISV chapter and make our programmes possible. They all share a common goal of creating experiences where children, youth and adults learn to break stereotypes, make friends and develop skills to build bridges across cultures.

There are opportunities for volunteers of all ages.

If you are a post secondary student, volunteering with CISV will add a whole new dimension to your studies and expand your world view.

While you have a fun time volunteering with CISV, you will also be building on your own skills and competencies. Leaders are provided essential training and preparation for leading programmes and can gain many skills participating in CISV activities. Here’s a list of just a few:

  • Facilitation
  • Leadership
  • Organization
  • Communication
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Teamwork
  • Problem solving

Adult Volunteers are our biggest resource and the backbone of our local chapter. We are a family organization and expect everyone to become involved. In order to participate in international programmes, we must host programmes locally. We need everyone’s help to host quality local and international events. Families that join CISV Victoria are often surprised to find that the CISV experiences they intended to benefit their child have actually had a positive effect on their entire family. We need people to take on leadership roles, and we also need people to lend a helping hand in small ways. There is always a place for you to help!

Join our global community of volunteers and make a difference by contacting us at communications@CISVvictoria.ca.



Application deadline: Now until filled: Send to programmes@CISVvictoria.ca 

Options to lead small delegations of youth aged 11, 12-13, 14, and 15 on short programmes (lengths of 2, 3, & 4 weeks) to places ranging from Canada (Saskatoon), to Brazil, France, Argentina, Mexico, and Japan.  Must be age 21+   Application form on the green Resources tab.

PROGRAMME APPLICANTS WANTED:  Applications due now - until spots filled. Application forms are on the green Resources tab.  The following still have spots available as of Jan 15/19:

Age 11: VILLAGE (del. of 4 + leader)

  • Buenos Aires, Argentina: Dec. 28/19-Jan, 20/20 - winter

Age 14:  STEP-UP (del of 4 + leader) - ONE SPOT LEFT for a 14 year old female to Queretaro, Mexico: July 5-27

Age 16-18:  YOUTH MEETING - individual
Monterrey, Mexico: June 26-July 13

Age 16-18: WINTER YOUTH MEETING - individual
Nord, France: Dec 27, 2019 - Jan 3, 2020


Ages 17-18: SEMINAR CAMP - Individual.  Various.  Application form/Info. on the Resources page.  Info: programmes@
 and seminar@

APPLY NOW! ROUND TWO DEADLINE: Open til Feb 8, 2019, but it's "first come first serve" for any of the following spots still open after Round One. 

 ONLY THE CAMPS THAT INTEREST YOU IN ORDER OF PREFERENCE - note that M means a spot for a male and F means a spot for a female:

Summer 2019 options still open as of Jan 4/18: 

Brazil (M, F),  Canada (Vancouver),(M, F);  El Salvador (M, F), France (F), Israel (M), Mexico (M), Sweden (M, F), UK (M), USA (New York) (M).

Winter 2019-20 options still open as of Jan 4/18: Brazil (F, F), Guatemala (F)


Ages 11-19:  NATIONAL CAMP:  Toronto, ON:  Individual. mid-August 1 week.  Applications and info. come out in Spring 2019


Age 19+: IPP:  "Building Bridges" Portugal: July 26-Aug 11, 2019, and waitlist options for Czech Republic, Italy, and Japan  See Resources tab for application form and more info. or email: ipp@cisvvictoria.ca

: On a hiatus for 2019, as the programme is undergoing a review.


CRCs are needed for all people over age 18 in a household hosting homestays or people volunteering at camps
Please email: riskmanager@
 to check if you have a valid one on file or request the password and weblink.



- Volunteer recruitment coordinator
- Leader/Staff recruitment coordinator
- Local Camp Coordinator


Obtain, or renew your annual membership. Forms are in the "Joining CISV" section of this site. As of Fall 2018, membership runs from October 1-September 30 each year starting this year. Individual (19+) and Family rates available: membership@


The most recent email newsletter was sent to CISV Victoria's membership on January 8, 2019. Please let us know if we missed you. Email  communications@
   Also check out our Facebook page!