Want to join our Board? Elections for the 2024-2025 year will be held at our upcoming AGM on May 10th. See a full list of positions up for election here.

Executive Board Members

Meet the CISV Victoria team!


Chapter Co-Chair, Fund Development Chair, Local Leadership Trainer

At the age of 14, I stumbled upon CISV, and it changed my life! I started off doing a national camp, followed by a step-up, and seminar camp, then took the reins as a leader and staff member for Villages as a grown-up. Now, I'm freshly appointed as one of the Chapter Co-Chairs and the Fund Development Chair, plus Local Leadership Trainer and I'm one of the Village Coordinators.


Chapter Co-Chair, Communications Manager

I joined CISV when I was 14. I did a step up, an interchange, a youth meeting, and national camp. CISV has such an impact on me growing up that I am honoured to give back to this organization as an adult. I’ve worn a lot of hats over the years, including Mosaic and Secretary, and I am thrilled to be both newly elected the Chapter Co-Chair and the Communications Chair this year. I also previously was the Adult Co-Chair of CISV Canada’s Environmental Sustainability Committee for two years.


Local Junior Representative (LJR)

Samantha is the Jr LJR of CISV Victoria. Which means she helps organize the Steering Board and runs activities for the junior branch youth. Samantha has been a part of CISV for 5 years and she has made great connections through CISV and has grown her leadership skills by being on Steering and running activities for all of the incredible youth who come out to the meetings. Her favorite thing about CISV is seeing the youth grow their confidence while participating, asking questions, and even making new friends in our chapter. Samantha loves the values that CISV stands for and she tries to bring them into other aspects in her life!


Risk Manager

I work to keep our CISV Victoria community safe. I help to select, train and support CISV leaders. I make sure locations are safe for CISV participants and that all adults spending time with children have valid Criminal Record Checks completed. I have been involved with CISV since 2017 when my oldest son went to Honduras for Village.  The only thing I love more than learning about people, culture, language, food and music around the world is to see children and young adults experiencing these things for the first time.






Programmes Co-Chair

I joined CISV when I was village-aged, and am so happy to still be part of such an amazing organization. I’m proud to be a CISVer because I really believe that peace is possible through friendship, and that young people are going to bring about great change in the world– as they already are! There are two main parts to being chair: keeping up with what goes on locally, and keeping up with what goes on nationally/internationally. I’m also really passionate about making CISV inclusive for LGBTQ+ folks – send me a message if you want to talk about building inclusive spaces. Sierra will be stepping down from their role at the end of the year. Thank you for all you've done, Sierra!!!


Programmes Co-Chair


Junior Branch Liaison

My role as Junior Branch Adult Liaison is to support our Junior Branch Steering Committee with their planning, and support them during Junior Branch meetings. I also ensure that Junior Branch just has the extra safety of an adult present during meetings, and I communicate on behalf of Junior Branch with the Adult Exec team. My experience with CISV was as a village delegate to India, and then again as a leader to a Toronto Village. My three daughters have all been involved in Junior Branch, been leaders on Steering and travelled with CISV. I love how inclusive CISV is and how easy friendship is through the shared, fun, and thoughtful activities and games.



I’ve been part of the CISV Board (Vancouver/Victoria) for a few years, but this is my first term as Mosaic Chair! I’ve been a member of CISV since 2000, when I got to travel to Israel with the Village Program. I’ve been very fortunate to have been able to attend several CISV programs since - interchange (x2), seminar, and a second Village (leading). One of my favourite things about CISV is the instant connection you get with ANY CISV’er you meet! I love our global CISV family. Andrea will be stepping down from her role at the end of the year. Thank you for all you've done, Andrea!!!


Membership & Recruitment


CISV Victoria's youth leaders!

This is a team of youth who run the Junior Branch meetings for CISV Victoria. They are interested in taking an active role in leadership and creating fun for others, and they are passionate about CISV, sustainability, human rights, diversity, and conflict resolution. Lead by Samantha and Leanna, Steering meets twice a month for planning meetings and spending time planning and having fun together too.They lead energizers, games, activities, debriefs at meetings; welcome new members and connect with existing members. Get to know all of Steering over on the JB Victoria website!