Victoria Chapter Team

Executive Board Members

Chapter Chair - Sierra

I joined CISV when I was village-aged, and am so happy to still be part of such an amazing organization. I’m proud to be a CISVer because I really believe that peace is possible through friendship, and that young people are going to bring about great change in the world– as they already are! There are two main parts to being chair: keeping up with what goes on locally, and keeping up with what goes on nationally/internationally. I’m also really passionate about making CISV inclusive for LGBTQ+ folks – send me a message at if you want to talk about building inclusive spaces.

Senior Local Junior Representative - Brin

I coordinate with national on what to bring to our individual chapters and I lead steering towards their planning of JB meetings. Alongside planning and running games myself. I also compose and send most JB emails and communicate with parents, JB’s accomplishments, adult exec, and anything else that’s asked of me to help out the JB. I have always had a love for learning new things, which makes school a great place for me, you can find me either at home or school. Maybe even a few extracurriculars.

Junior Local Junior Representative - Luka

Ever since my first CISV experience, I have loved every second of my CISV experience. I joined the Steering team when I was 14 where I learned many valuable skills and developed amazing friendships. I am excited to be the Jr. LJR because I want to take on more of a leadership role within this organization. I think that it is vital for teenagers and young adults to learn about cultures different from their own to develop cultural awareness earlier on in life. As I have experienced this for myself, I would now like to share and promote CISV to other people in my age group so that they can participate in all that CISV has to offer.

Communications Chair - Alison

I manage our social media channels, email newsletter distribution, and liaise between Executive and our webmaster to update our website, among other communications and marketing responsibilities. I love engaging our members and promoting the exciting work everyone at CISV Victoria is doing!

Risk Manager - Steve

I work to keep our CISV Victoria community safe. I help to select, train and support CISV leaders. I make sure locations are safe for CISV participants and that all adults spending time with children have valid Criminal Record Checks completed. I have been involved with CISV since 2017 when my oldest son went to Honduras for Village.  The only thing I love more than learning about people, culture, language, food and music around the world is to see children and young adults experiencing these things for the first time.

Fund Development - Tamara

I help gather and work with enthusiastic volunteers to collaborate and make some fundraising magic happen. We've worked on organizing large scale events like galas to smaller events like bottle drives all in the hopes of helping support CISV Victoria with their programs, camps and volunteering. I've been a part of CISV for about 5 years and have found the people and experiences to be so open and welcoming and I especially love how it's helped shape my 2 teenage boys into the men they are today.

Mosaic - Sarah and Lilly

We help channel CISV Victoria’s local interests by searching for like-minded organizations that we can collaborate with to build community in the Greater Victoria area. We both joined CISV when we were thirteen, and have participated in numerous different programmes both nationally and internationally over the years. Mosaic projects are a great way for us to take our CISV experience and localize it to help make our community a better place.

JB Liaison - Amanda

As the parent to three teen I have had the opportunity to have them all involved with CISV Victoria. From monthly JB meetings to delegation travel, and everything in between, they have all embraced and flourished within the safe, accepting, nurturing and educational umbrella it’s provided.  The philosophies of CISV resonate deeply with our family.
As JB liaison, I have the best of both worlds, being involved with both the adult executive and the youth Steering committee - acting as the communication between the two. I get to participate and witness in the planning, growth and execution of the meetings and activities our steering team has for the younger ages; to witness the leadership and mentorship they provide one another.

Secretary - Kristi

As the secretary, I take minutes at all of our executive meetings and chapter-wide meetings. I enjoy doing this because I am able to keep track of everything that is going on within our chapter and make sure that the information is stored properly. It is great for developing typing, listening, and organizational skills. Since this job does not require a large time commitment, I am able to help other exec members with their tasks and get my hands in a little of everything.
I joined CISV Victoria in 2007 and went on to participate in a variety of international and national programmes throughout my youth. I have also had the privilege of being the leader to a Village and a Step Up. CISV shaped me into a person I am today; someone who cares about the big picture of the world, especially interested in social justice and equity, and someone who does not want to sit idly while our world is full of injustices.

Treasurer - Steve

I have been involved with CISV Victoria since 2017 after two of my daughters travelled to San Fransisco for a Step Up program. In my role with CISV Victoria, I look after the finances for our chapter. I help collect payments for our programs, coordinate donations with our fundraising team, complete our banking transactions, and report our finances back to our executive team.  What I live most about CISV Victoria is witnessing the children and young adults grow in connection, confidence and leadership within a welcoming and supportive community.