Local communities are microcosms of the global context. CISV’s local programmes use the same principles as its international programmes to connect people in a meaningful way with their local communities.
Mosaic is a project based programme which empowers individuals and chapters to be agents of change, reach out, and involve as many people as possible. Each project is a separate CISV experience that relates to a local need and interest and involves a different target group. It does not have to be in a camp setting, as with many CISV programmes, but is designed according to the needs and abilities of the CISV chapter.
Using the core CISV Values, local members develop projects in conjunction with like minded organizations or community groups. The aim is to create an authentic learning experience for participants and deliver a benefit to the wider community..

Age: All ages
Duration: Up to one year
Size of Group: No limits

Mosaic Programmes

What is Mosaic?

Mosaic is a unique model for community-based peace education. It gives people the tools to identify the needs in their communities and helps them plan projects that respond in meaningful ways. Mosaic projects come in many shapes and sizes, but they all involve innovative learning and local impact. Mosaic is a project-based programme. It has specific goals and a set of tools and guidelines that help people design and implement peace education that has a positive impact. Every Mosaic project uses the same framework, but each one does it in a different way.

Why do a Mosaic project?

We invite you to consider participating in a Mosaic. In addition to locally serving our community, being a part of Mosaic also helps us: 
  • Map our community: understanding strengths and challenges in our local community and identifying needs to be addressed via local work.
  • Communicate with Like-Minded Organizations and Institutions (both public and private): working with an LMO helps us to create, engage and develop a stable partnership.
  • Develop educational projects: planning and designing educational and learning experiences in your local community and understanding how CISV can inspire change.

Current Mosaic Opportunities:

We are currently recruiting a new Mosaic Coordinator. If  you have an idea for a Mosaic initiatives or would be interested in stepping into this role, please reach out to chair@cisvvictoria.ca.

Past Mosaic Initiatives:

Coldest Night of the Year 2023 (CNOY)

The Coldest Night of the Year is a walk that raises money for folks in our community who need our help. Some of them hungry, more than a few hurting and regrettably, some who are homeless too. We fundraised for Our Place Society for the 2023 Coldest Night of the Year charity walk. An effect of the pandemic has been the increase of people accessing our programs and services. Our Place is here for individuals and families facing extreme challenges – regardless of the reason. Your support helps this organization continue to be a beacon for our friends and neighbours experiencing tough times.

Check out our CNOY 2022 Team Page.

Out of the Rain Meals

The Out of the Rain Youth Night Shelter is a community capacity building project, working to reduce the risk faced by homeless youth by providing shelter during the coldest months of the year.
CISV partners with Out of the Rain Shelter through a commitment to providing hot meals for the youth staying at the shelter.
How you can participate:
Gather your household to prepare a home cooked meal for 15-20 people made right in your kitchen. Then head down to the Out of the Rain Youth Shelter for a quick and easy meal drop off to their community members. There are no dietary requirements and you will receive support from our Mosaic Coordinators with this project. You can make anything you’d like!
This initiative is likely to return in Fall 2022. Email mosaic@cisvvictoria.ca to inquire about upcoming cooking dates or to express interest.