Village participant at 11, writes 2 years after

For me, my village in Rome was a great first experience with CISV. There, for the first time, I dealt with issues such as poverty, racism, world peace in a playful way. That was exhausting but instructive. And from the PreCamp I already knew a bit of what to expect. In between were a lot of games, and a lot of sports. In the process, I made a lot of new friends. It took us a bit before we could all communicate, but then it worked out well and it was really fun.

My host families were really cool and showed me quite a bit. That gave me an impression of the country.

I am still in contact with many kids who were at my camp and a JC. It was a great experience. I like to remember it back. Since then I have been to two youth meetings and had an interchange. And on New Year’s Eve I drive away with CISV again. Hopefully I’ll meet someone from my village again one day.