Founded in 1950, CISV International is a federation of 70 Member Associations around the world. Our National Associations (full-member Associations) and Promotional Associations (Associations in the process of gaining full membership) run our educational programmes and co operate internationally through their membership of CISV International. CISV International assists and guides its associations by coordinating the international aspects of our programmes, providing policy direction, expertise and infrastructure support.


Strong communities are built by active citizens. CISV is active in 11 communities across Canada.  Chapters include Halifax, Fredericton, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Waterloo, London, Saskatoon, Calgary, Vancouver and Victoria. While they are each different in what they do and how they work, they are all communities of Active Global Citizens. Our chapters are organized locally by volunteers and open to anyone who would like to join. They are made up of individuals and families and they organize events, run projects and host programmes, all of which contribute to a more just and peaceful world.


CISV Victoria was incorporated in 1965 and became a registered charity in 1980. Youth members are encouraged to take a leading role in organizing, running, as well as participating in monthly meetings with local topics such as homelessness and racial stereotyping to globalization and ethical practices in different countries. We have both local volunteering and activities through our monthly Junior Branch meetings and our local outreach programme, Mosaic; as well as offer international opportunities to meet and grow with CISV Members from all around the world.