CISV encourages and inspires people to contribute to social justice and world peace.

What is CISV?

CISV (formerly Children’s International Summer Villages) is a volunteer organization with representation in 68 countries and 220 towns and cities worldwide (2018). The organization was formed in 1951 by Dr. Doris Allen, a psychologist at the University of Cincinnati. Her premise was that teaching children to live together as friends could create true and lasting global peace.

CISV has grown exponentially since 1951. As of 2018, there were over 260 international programmes with more than 10,500 participants and 62,417 individual members and volunteers!

These opportunities foster a respect for cultural differences, help identify common values and develop self awareness. CISV empowers each participant to incorporate these values into their lives as they become global citizens.

CISV Victoria was incorporated in 1965 and became a registered charity in 1980. Youth members are encouraged to take a leading role in organizing, running, as well as participating in monthly meetings with local topics such as homelessness and racial stereotyping to globalization and ethical practices in different countries. We have both local volunteering and activities through our monthly Junior Branch meetings and our local outreach programme, Mosaic; as well as offer international opportunities to meet and grow with CISV Members from all around the world.

Learn more about CISV at the CISV International and CISV Canada websites.

These YouTube videos, created by CISV Victoria members, provide some information about CISV and our programmes.

CISV experiences help to develop a worldview and life philosophy which invites us people to stand up for peace.

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