Local Events

CISV Victoria holds a series of events throughout the school year (September-June). We typically host one JB meeting per month, and a few Mosaic Projects scattered throughout the year as well.

Junior Branch

It isn’t all about the travel!

In fact, the Junior Branch (JB) is the very heart and soul of CISV, and members enjoy year-long activities that include monthly meetings, social activities, and participating in Mosaic project to work with local like-minded organizations (LMOs).

The very heart and soul of CISV, JB comprises young local CISVers between the ages of 10 – 25, who develop intercultural and leadership skills through educational and social activities. Junior Branch members manage their own activities and take an active role in the administrative responsibilities of their chapters.

Operating through a network at the national and international level, Juniors organize their own programmes on a wide variety of themes (such as social justice and the environment) as well as managing their own projects, governance, and educational activities.

Junior Branch activities are aimed at building community, developing skills and promoting peace through education. These activities are based on CISV’s 4 pillars: sustainability, conflict and resolution, diversity and human rights.

For more details, please visit Junior Branch Website.

Age: 10+

Duration: September-June

Size of Group: the more the merrier!


Local communities are microcosms of the global context. CISV’s local programmes use the same principles as its international programmes to connect people in a meaningful way with their local communities

Mosaic is a project based programme which empowers individuals and chapters to be agents of change, reach out, and involve as many people as possible. Each project is a separate CISV experience that relates to a local need and interest and involves a different target group. It does not have to be in a camp setting, as with many CISV programmes, but is designed according to the needs and abilities of the CISV chapter.

Using the core CISV Values, local members develop projects in conjunction with like minded organizations or community groups. The aim is to create an authentic learning experience for participants and deliver a benefit to the wider community


Age: All ages

Duration: Up to one year

Size of Group: No limits