18+ Event

18+ Event
22.10.2021, 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

18+ Event

This is part of a series of online programming for individuals aged 18 and older, that is hosted by CISV Victoria and open to CISVers across North America.

These events are more discussion-based, rather than activity or game-based events put on by JB, and they often explore relevant topics through a CISV lens. Moreover, these events are great opportunity for parents to get involved with CISV if they have a family membership but don’t see a place for them beyond volunteering, or who want to see the value of learning their kids get from participating in our organization. These events are perfect for anyone who has aged out of JB, for leaders, chapter volunteers, alumni, and even parents who want to get a taste of what their kids do in CISV.

To register, please fill out this safety registration form. Once you’ve filled it out, you are automatically registered for all of this year’s 18+ events and will not need to fill it out again. Please note: the final question on the form will ask you if you wish to receive communication about future 18+ events. If you select yes you will receive the Zoom link for each month’s event. If you select no you will have to email the 18+ team directly each subsequent month after you fill out the form in order to receive the Zoom link.

For October’s event, we will be aligning our topic with CISV International’s content focus of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). We believe that an organization that prioritizes diversity, equity and inclusion creates an environment that respects and values individual difference along varying dimensions. Working from a broad definition of diversity including (but not limited to) gender, race/ethnicity, age, economic status, sexual orientation/gender identity, religion, and physical ability, this event aims to consider issues in all areas of our lives and explore ways in which we can foster DEI.

Any questions, contact mosaic@cisvvictoria.ca.