Leader: accompany a programme, age 19/21 years and older

Our programs for under-16s are accompanied by volunteer adults. Each delegation of 4-6 children / teenagers is looked after by such a “leader”. They must be at least 21 years old, in some cases an age of 19 years is sufficient. There is no age limit to the top. There are no costs for you, but we do not pay any fees, but we are happy to issue a certificate.

Leaders are substitute moms or dads at the camp, have the legal responsibility for their delegation throughout the programme and, together with the staff, are responsible for the programme design. Comprehensive training in CISV is a prerequisite and helps to meet the requirements.

Leaders often develop lifelong friendships with people from all over the world.

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  • Village Leader with CISV Childhood Experience

    I had my first CISV experience nineteen years ago. At the time, I was eleven, and was a rather cautious and introverted child. After four weeks I came home quite dirty, rich in experiences and knowledge and with a bunch of new friends. I continued to be rather cautious, but in these 4 weeks I not only learned that different languages and cultures do not have to be obstacles, but that it was also completely okay.

    In the summer of 2014, I experienced my sixth CISV camp. I was allowed to accompany four great, eleven-year-old children as they made friends, became more open, more interested, more confident; How they began to ask questions and perceive injustices, how they consciously grappled with their own origins and learned to think globally, how they behaved in solidarity and empathy and helped to ensure that these 4 weeks for all unforgettable experience.

    Of all my CISV experiences, I probably appreciate my last two when I was allowed to be a leader at Villages the most: Because I witnessed a well-functioning and harmonious Leaders Group (which consisted of very different personalities!), a safe and loving environment, within which quiet children suddenly shared opinions, anxious children could forget their homesickness, and self-assured children acted as links of the group.

    Because It's All About The Children.